Loose Headz

NO FUN (Official Video)

"No Fun" is is a song written by Blitch in 2001 and recorded in that year with its inseparable 6 tracks Vestax), in fact the sample of Blitch's guitar is inserted by the Loose Headz inside of the track as the key groove of the rhythmic structure. The Loose Headz' final version of "No fun" is the result of excellent English electro-pop-rock style sounds and the track turns out to be commercial enough to be appreciated by both the fine rock palates and the hottest dance DJs of the moment.


Curiosities from the set:


In the video, Blitch finds himself in a bare-chested cage as two evil women hit him with the jet of a frozen water hydrant. We are in the middle of February in an abandoned location in the province of Bologna and without heating, the ambient temperature is close to minus 2 degrees, Blitch is bare-chested and the jet of water is tremendously cold and powerful, but he shoots the scene to the end , then the director approaches Blitch and with a defeated air whispers in his ear that before giving the action, the cinematographer had forgotten to turn on the camera, and that in other words, the scene was never been shot, and it has to be shot from the start, facing the shock of freezing water again in the dead of winter. Blitch keeps his cool, returns to the dressing room completely soaked and cold, then turns back to the set and shoots the same scene for the second time. When the filming of the video is over, Blitch will fall ill with pneumonia and will remain ill in bed for 10 days.