Ottaviano Blitch is a true force of nature, a multi-talented artist who seamlessly blends the worlds of acting, modeling, and music. What sets him apart from his peers is his innate ability to capture the camera's attention, his incredible photogenic and videogenic qualities that make him stand out from the crowd.


As an actor, Blitch knows how to work the camera, delivering powerful and captivating performances that leave audiences spellbound. Whether he's playing a dramatic role or a comedic one, he always manages to bring a unique and compelling energy to the screen.


As a model, Blitch is equally impressive, exuding a confidence and magnetism that is truly captivating. He effortlessly showcases the latest fashion trends and designs, adding his own unique flair to each and every shoot.


And let's not forget Blitch's rockstar persona, which comes to life in his electrifying live performances and music videos. With his raw energy and unmistakable stage presence, he commands attention and leaves audiences begging for more.


So, whether you're a fan of Ottaviano Blitch's work on the big screen, the runway, or the stage, you won't want to miss the stunning gallery of photos that showcases his incredible talent.


Divided into sections like Maneskin, Fashion, Portrait, Film set, Live on stage, studio recording, Fiorenzo Niccoli photographer, it's the perfect way to experience the full range of this multi-talented artist's photogenic and videogenic abilities.

 In January 2022 he is chosen as testimonial for Roberto Cavalli's FW 2022-23 campaign designed by Fausto Puglisi.


In December 2022 he plays the part of the Destroyer in the Maneskin video entitled "Gossip", with the featuring of Tom Morello the guitarist of "Rage against the machine".


Far from wanting to fit into a specific label at all costs, this artist likes to call himself as a "dancing-singing-acting D.J."


Constant as well as rigorous and remarkable physical training and a multi-faceted acting mask, Blitch is an extraordinarily talented proper artist, with a consolidated body expression and an acting style that is truly international. Fellini’s and Claudia Cardinale’s photographer, Fiorenzo Niccoli, immortalizes him in his “Timeless Portraits”, capturing a huge variety of nuances, ranging from the tragicomedy of farce to the intensity of drama.


Ottaviano Blitch stars in several international productions in leading and co-leading roles. Among the most popular characters he stars in "Italians" (G. Veronesi) playing the part of Jim, a Ferrari's pitiless British Pilot under the sunny landscape of Dubai. Blitch stars in: "Shadow" (F. Zampaglione), playing the role of the antagonist (Fred). He's also a professional model, in 2015 he stars in the British TV series: "A rose reborn" directed by Park Chan_Wook, produced by Luca Guadagnino  and Ermenegildo Zegna.


Blitch is also author and storyteller on his own night music radio show, the "Virgin Motel", on air on Virgin Radio. Now a cult, his stories set in the desert perfectly re-create the ambiance of real life, transporting the audience into the rooms of the most popular motel in California. In just over ten years this radio program has rightfully become part of the schedules, with due recognition from both the public and critics as the best rock program ever.


His career starts in the nineties, when he was playing and dancing in clubs his own music, a combination of British techno-clash and rock elements, for example, his most prestigious hit single was the song "No fun", which reached the top of the charts in all of Europe.


Due to his strong impact on the audience and thanks to his streak of shomanship he starts to perform on stage, singing and dancing in the most important European clubs of all times.


In his album "Big Lips" involves the greatest drummer of all time: Cindy Blackman (Lenny Kravitz drummer).


Blitch has also a successful career as a celebrity producer-DJ in the most exclusive parties in the world as well as in cities considered the top in terms of style and entertainment such as London, Ibiza, Paris and New York. He is the composer of several tracks as well as songs composed specifically for fashion shows and famous brands. In his DJ sets, characterized by its unique glamorous style and a strong stage presence, Blitch condenses the energy of the best international pop/electronic sound.


Right from the beginning in the 1990s Ottaviano Blitch starts studying acting in London, New York and Los Angeles, thereafter he moves to Los Angeles to improve the Stanislavski's technique, improvisation and mimicry with acting coach Bernard Hiller.


From when he's young, Blitch listens to music ranging from Michael Jackson to Joy Division, from Iggy Pop to Paolo Conte, from Cocteau Twins to Roxy Music. He has always lived between Milan and London and always thought that there are no cities like' em. Just like he quotes: "With its musical contradictions and innovations, London is always been the point of reference for soloists and overall bands ever."