Ottaviano Blitch is one of the brightest stars of contemporary cinema, known for his crystal-clear and authentic talent. Born in 1973, he has made a name for himself as an actor who fully immerses himself in each role using the Stanislavski method. Blitch is a true polyglot, fluent in four languages including English and Italian, which are his mother tongues, as well as French and Spanish. His linguistic skills have been invaluable in his career, allowing him to work on international productions and connect with a diverse range of audiences. He has appeared in numerous films, including: "A rose reborn", directed by Park_Chan Wook (Old boy), "Shadow", directed by Federico Zampaglione, "Italians" directed by Giovanni Veronesi and "Liver", which he also directed. He has also made a memorable appearance in the music video for the Maneskin song Gossip, playing the role of a nuisance. What sets Blitch apart from his contemporaries is his ability to convey a range of emotions with subtlety and nuance, creating complex and fully-realized characters that resonate with audiences. He is a consummate professional who takes his craft seriously, dedicating himself fully to each role. Blitch remains humble and grounded, always striving to improve and push the boundaries of his art. He is respected and admired by his peers in the industry, who recognize his talent and his commitment to excellence.

Shadow (Directed by Federico Zampaglione)

This incredible documentary "Making of Shadow" will take you behind the scenes of one of the most captivating films in Italian cinema, where director Federico Zampaglione braved the icy temperatures of the mountains to create an authentic and engaging atmosphere. We will share with you the challenges faced by the actors and the crew during the filming, all set against the spectacular backdrop of snowy landscapes. In particular, we will explore the legendary story surrounding actor Ottaviano Blitch, who, in his commitment to bring the character of Fred, the villain, to life, made the filming even more intense. From provoking the lead actress to his deep immersion in the character through the Stanislavski method, you will discover how Blitch brought realism and tension to the set. Get ready to be moved by the testimonies of the actors and the crew who worked tirelessly to create an extraordinary cinematic experience. We will also delve into the technical challenges faced, such as adapting to extreme weather conditions and using the majestic mountains as a perfect backdrop for the film. An experience that has forever marked the careers of many film professionals.

This is the case of the actor Ottaviano Blitch, where a rather bizarre story is said to have taken place while he was on the set of the film Shadow (Federico Zampaglione). Legends have it that, in order to cultivate a genuine sense of animosity with the leading actress, Ottaviano Blitch provoked her to the brink of a breakdown, even going so far as to threaten to abandon the film. In order to create a real hate relationship with the leading actress, Ottaviano Blitch provokes her to the point of causing her to go into crisis, even threatening to leave the film. Blitch in those days, while the whole cast was staying in a hotel on the border with Slovenia, in the middle of winter, he really behaved like Fred, the villain of the film, and slept fully dressed on the carpet of his cabin. It is said that he behaved like an animal and that he was not inclined to dialogue with all the elements of the crew and the cast.

The Method

Sometimes many actors have to "raise the bar" if they want to bring the truth directly to the screen and engage the viewer to make them feel part of the story they are telling. An actor doesn't necessarily have to stay in character even when he's on stand-by. Usually, the actors who implement the technique of the Stanislavskij method belong to that category of artists who develop a real obsession for details and can get to become the character in its entirety, to the point of frightening you, to the point of convincing you that that is the person in front of you.


In order to develop Stanislavskij's technique an actor must create the tangible conditions for a complete annihilation of his own personality. For example, Ottaviano Blitch, from the moment he is hired for the role of the villain Fred in the film Shadow, begins a real psychophysical transformation that will also lead him to worry the director of the film, Federico Zampaglione. All the details of the oddities and really crazy anecdotes that happened on the set of "Shadow" can be seen by clicking here: "Shadow". In the film "Liver", Ottaviano takes at least 4 weeks before detoxifying himself from the demonic influence of the character's personality.


The characteristic of the madness of Ottaviano Blitch's way of thinking is that of identifying with the character to the point of remaining hostage to it for a long time, consciously. Blitch is not an easy artist, not at all, he becomes short-tempered if you address him in an arrogant way. Ottaviano has repeatedly stated that he didn't care that he missed several opportunities to be hired for some very profitable films, but which he didn't like, or maybe the script was interesting but the director turned out to be presumptuous and arrogant. This is a job that must be done mainly if there are two fundamental characteristics: passion and determination.

Italians (Directed by Giovanni Veronesi)

Two amazing scenes that became a cult in Italian entertainment cinema. The hilarious Ottaviano Blitch plays the role of a detestable English pilot in underground Ferrari races held in sunny Dubai, trying to make the stay of two Italians (Sergio Castellitto and Riccardo Scamarcio) impossible. With a series of rude gestures and his famous rendition of Toto Cutugno's song, "Lasciatemi cantare... Sono un italiano... Un italiano vero",  this gem from Blitch will trigger a sensational brawl in one of the most renowned clubs in all the Arab Emirates.

Two amazing scenes that became a cult in Italian entertainment cinema. The hilarious Ottaviano Blitch plays the role of a detestable English pilot in underground Ferrari races held in sunny Dubai, trying to make the stay of two Italians (Sergio Castellitto and Riccardo Scamarcio) impossible. With a series of rude gestures and his famous rendition of Toto Cutugno's song, "Lasciatemi cantare... Sono un italiano... Un italiano vero",  this gem from Blitch will trigger a sensational brawl in one of the most renowned clubs in all the Arab Emirates.

A rose reborn (Directed by Park_Chan Wook)

Ermenegildo Zegna and Luca Guadagnino are pleased to announce an international film collaboration between Stefano Pilati and acclaimed award-winning South Korean director Park Chan-wook (Oldboy, Stoker). The film also features the internationally acclaimed actors, Daniel Wu (Blood Brothers, Overheard), Jack Huston (American Hustle, Boardwalk Empire) and co-starring Ottaviano Blitch (Shadow, Deranged). Other notable collaborators include British composer Clint Mansell (Black Swan, Requiem for a Dream) and Argentinean cinematographer Natasha Braier (The Milk of Sorrow, The Rover).

A Rose Reborn has been selected by the “Busan International Film Festival” and by the “Festival Internazionale del Film di Roma” where it will be screened in its entirety on the occasion of these two important cinematographic appointments.

Gossip (Directed by Tommaso Ottomano)

Ottaviano Blitch plays the part of the Destroyer in the Maneskin video entitled "Gossip", with the participation of Tom Morello the guitarist of "Rage against the machine".

La notte di Evelyn (Directed by Tommaso Ottomano)

Ma l'amore si (Directed by Tony Zangardi)

Rasputin (Directed by Louis Nero)

Liver (Directed by Federico Greco)

“Harry Brompton was born on July the 27th 1973, Crowley, in Sussex, England. At the age of 15 he murdered with a golf club a young married couple in their own house in Bristol. The Press nicknamed him “Liver” because he had eaten up and swallowed both corpses’ liver and afterwards convicted double premeditated homicide. After 18 years’ imprisonment in a Maximum Security Prison mental institution in Yorkshire, “Liver” came out of prison on march the 14th 2005 for good conduct. The same day Harry Brompton “Liver” visited, in her home, the young Rachel Mc. Williams, daughter of the Public Prosecutor who at the time had asked for his life imprisonment.”

Deranged (Directed by Ottaviano Blitch)

Official selection "Short Film Corner" - Le 65° Festival de Cannes

In a mysterious time-space interval, Jeremy Donald Wellington (Ottaviano Blitch) remains unaccountably trapped in the mental anti-chamber of his own subconscious. So, he finds himself witnessing, like an invisible spectator (by the railing gate that separates him from that surreal and imaginary dimension), a discussion between diners with the only characteristic that they are all dummies, including himself, who is sitting paralyzed at the head of the table with only the ability to move his eyes. He is dumbfounded, staring at himself (Jeremy King) paralyzed, as though he too were trapped like the dummies; he does not move his head, alternating the movement of his eyes by turning them towards the dummies, talking to each other about him as though he weren’t there.

8 Hours (Directed by Jason Field)

- Unreleased film -

Gladiator (Public Reel)

A few years ago director John Boorman was supposed to start filming for the blockbuster film "Memoirs of Hadrian" based on the book by Marguerite Yourcenar, which tells about the last days of Emperor Hadrian's life. When the auditions for the most important roles were opened, the actors were asked to prepare a reel where the acting skills of each actor could be admired based on their voice, physicality, facial expressions and somatic characteristics. Ottaviano Blitch for the auditions of the film had prepared for John Boorman a reel inspired by the film by Ridley Scott: "Gladiator" containing the scene in which the conversation between Maximo Decimo Meridio and Commodus takes place. Just as the shooting of the film is about to begin, the budget allocated for its realization has reached such a high figure that the Hollywood producers back out and the film will never be produced.


Sin City (Robert Rodriguez)

- English Voiceover - American Accent -

Ottaviano Blitch serves as the off-screen voiceover in this stunning trailer, delivering a compelling and captivating performance that perfectly captures the film's tone. Sin City is a stylized neo-noir crime film that follows three separate but interlocking storylines set in Basin City directed by Robert Rodriguez, Frank Miller, and Quentin Tarantino. The film features a star-studded cast including Bruce Willis, Jessica Alba, Mickey Rourke, Clive Owen, and Benicio Del Toro, among others. It is based on Miller's graphic novel series of the same name.

Trainspotting (Danny Boyle)

- Italian Voiceover -

Una delle performance più iconiche di tutti i tempi: il doppiaggio di Ottaviano Blitch nella "Final Audition" per la voce italiana del personaggio di Mark Renton, interpretato da Ewan McGregor, nel leggendario film "Trainspotting" diretto da Danny Boyle. Curiosità: durante la registrazione delle voci per il personaggio di Mark Renton, il direttore del doppiaggio Francesco Vairano, chiede a Blitch di realizzare un demo anche per la voce del mitico "Begbie", interpretato da Robert Carlyle. Tuttavia, la voce italiana di Begbie viene affidata a Pasquale Anselmo, il quale, in una straordinaria ironia del destino, si è ritrovato anni dopo a doppiare proprio Ottaviano Blitch che recita in inglese nel ruolo di Fred, nel film di Federico Zampaglione, "Shadow".