Directed by Ottaviano Blitch

In the specific case of “DERANGED”, this is his very first time as a director, writer, singer, lead actor and composer, simultaneously. His assistant director on the set of this movie is the skilled Roy Bava, the Lamberto's son and Mario Bava's grandchild, the inspiring genius and inventor of Horror genre.


“DERANGED”  has just been “Officially selected”  by the “Short Film Corner” at the 65° Festival de Cannes 2012  and winner as “BEST MISTERY” at the Amsterdam International Film Festival 2012.


In a mysterious time-space interval, Jeremy Donald Wellington (Ottaviano Blitch) remains unaccountably trapped in the mental anti-chamber of his own subconscious. So, he finds himself witnessing, like an invisible spectator (by the railing gate that separates him from that surreal and imaginary dimension), a discussion between diners with the only characteristic that they are all dummies, including himself, who is sitting paralyzed at the head of the table with only the ability to move his eyes. He is dumbfounded, staring at himself (Jeremy King) paralyzed, as though he too were trapped like the dummies; he does not move his head, alternating the movement of his eyes by turning them towards the dummies, talking to each other about him as though he weren’t there. The voices of the dummies, which are all female, alternate in a decadent and visionary setting. Something unexpected permanently breaks the harmony, pushing the protagonist to awaken from his paralysis until he discovers a mysterious red curtain, which hides a fearsome foreboding, the epilogue of a secret premonition.