How to freak out with a domestic bear at home during isolation

Guys...  Well I just finished talking to my domestic bear, we talked for hours, argued all morning. It is obviously certain that now I will have to sit down with him and start a serious speech. This isolation is not giving us moments of great freedom. We have barricaded ourselves in the house for weeks and as many weeks we will have to continue to remain closed here.

I don't know what else I can do to explain to him that serving this penance in Italy is certainly better than doing it in the UK. I alone can know the difficulties I experienced when checking in at Heathrow airport to convince the British Airways steward that my domestic bear does not bite, and that above all he does everything I tell him.


Now is the time to start the right conversation with him, though; he has just finished having breakfast, I will put on his leash and (in a civilized and calm manner) I will tell him that I can no longer keep myself indoors like this.