3 Sweden - Film "Mannen frÃ¥n" - 3 Dela data

Directed by Henrik Sundgren

Ottaviano Blitch's performance in the new campaign for 3 Sweden company is truly remarkable, showcasing his exceptional acting skills and remarkable endurance.


The shoot takes place in the icy setting of Trieste canal, where the water is frozen solid. Alongside two other courageous heroes, Blitch fearlessly takes on the challenging scene that requires them to dive out of a van into the frigid water. The extreme coldness of the water demands the actors to wear diving suits for protection. Despite the harsh conditions, they proceed with multiple takes to capture the perfect shot.


However, during the second take, one of the actors starts to feel unwell while submerged in the icy water. This unexpected turn of events adds an extra layer of intensity to the already unforgettable experience. Through it all, Ottaviano Blitch demonstrates his unwavering commitment to his craft, showcasing his remarkable acting abilities and his remarkable resilience in the face of adversity.