Enfantes Terribles

A SIT-IN demonstration in front of the Piccadilly Theatre in London. On the occasion of the British Advertising Gran Prix, our activists made themselves heard. The protest soon aroused the interest of Major TV Networks all over the world, as CNN and BBC. It was the first time that accounts protested such in a blatant way and this couldn't have passed unnoticed. Goodness knows if this will be enough to awaken the advertising world, or if there will be other protests. Far from wanting to fit into a specific label at all costs, actor Ottaviano Blitch gives an exquisite interpretation of a middle age frustrated "account".

 3 Sweden - Film "Mannen frÃ¥n" - 3 Dela data

Directed by Henrik Sundgren

Black Prince by Belstaff

Guitar soundtrack by Ottaviano Blitch