These are the times where we're exceptionally proud to present the extraordinary talent of Ottaviano Blitch and his sensational live show titled "BLITCH PLAYS BOWIE", a spectacular event that serves as the official tribute to the extraordinary talent of the iconic David Bowie.


In this exhilarating show, Blitch will bring to life the iconic songs of the legendary White Duke, such as: Space Oddity, Rebel Rebel, Fame, Heroes, Let’s Dance, China Girl, I’m Afraid of Americans, Under Pressure, Life on Mars, Modern Love, Absolute Beginners, Fashion, Starman, Ashes to Ashes and New Killer Star.


The show, lasting about an hour and a half, promises an unparalleled musical experience as Blitch masterfully interprets Bowie's classic repertoire. This exceptional event forms part of Blitch's worldwide tour, gracing the most prominent cities across the globe, including London, Paris, Barcelona, New York, Las Vegas, Dubai, Los Angeles, S. Francisco, Amsterdam, Sydney, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Rio de Janeiro.


Blitch will perform adorned in the iconic costumes and ensembles that defined the White Duke's legendary live performances. The stage will be a celebration of art and creativity, as the world's leading stylists and makeup artists collaborate with Ottaviano Blitch to wholly embody the "persona" of the remarkable David Bowie.


This live show promises to be a breathtaking experience, a celebration of music and the unforgettable legacy of David Bowie. An unmissable opportunity to relive the emotions and spirit of one of the greatest artists in the history of music, through the incredible talent and unrivalled charisma of Ottaviano Blitch.

Photographers: Eloise Nania, John Galli, Anthony Zecchinelli, Ivan Genasi, Julio Carrier, Bernard P. Fox, Layla Pepper, Annalisa Forcella, Dario Muzzarini, Michela Ghio.