Ma l'amore si (Directed by Tony Zangardi)

"Ma l’amore si" is an Italian film with grotesque and romantic features, an interpretation that of Ottaviano Blitch deliberately marked to give his character "Princess" a nice and hysterical air.

 It is said that in the meanders of the Blu Cinematografica in Rome, at the time of the Blitch audition, there are the director Tonino Zangardi (recently deceased) and the screenwriter Marco Costa, who still do not know that Ottaviano has prepared for the audition an unpredictable number. His vocal tone is so high and shrill that the two look at each other not knowing whether they should laugh or cry, but both burst out laughing, amused by this interpretation bordering on the comic and the hysterical.

On the set there will be many times when shooting will have to be stopped due to the laughter of some member of the crew who cannot hold back the laughter from Ottaviano Blitch's improvisations.