"Lucy's Got" is an electrifying and futuristic track that showcases Ottaviano Blitch's unique musical vision. With its pulsating beats and haunting synthesizers, the song transports the listener to a dystopian world where Blitch's raw and edgy vocals reign supreme. The track's industrial soundscapes and futuristic elements draw influences from classic electronic acts like Kraftwerk while also incorporating a modern twist. Blitch's performance on "Lucy's Got" is both powerful and unsettling, capturing the essence of his anarchic personality as an artist. The track is a bold statement that defies genre conventions and establishes Blitch as a true original in the world of electronic music. "Lucy's Got" is a must-listen for anyone looking for something fresh and daring in their music.

Blitch realizes that the situation with Lucy is worrying, so he decides to take her to a specialist food science doctor and to a respected psychiatrist as well. Doctors immediately understand the gravity of the situation, and the doctor in nutrition orders the girl to start eating more often and with more protein, immediately. Lucy does not listen to the doctors and doesn’t listen to her boyfriend, so she begins to lose more and more weight, continues to drink alcohol, until, after only 5 months from the first visit with the doctors, Lucy reaches the weight of 37 kg. 

 This is a raw song, at first listen it is also rather annoying, it is not digestible to an ear accustomed to listening to melodic pop or love ballads. Listening to Blitch's voice in this song it seems to be in front of an alien who tries to sing for the first time but who can't manage to be in tune at all costs. With Blitch we are always at a crossroads, we are faced with theatre mixed with music and acting. It is clear from the notes of this tune that on the part of the artist there is not the slightest desire to please the public or the critics. This song is a punch right in the face, a cry of pain. Blitch's voice so sharp and punk, with such a rough and edgy arrangement, is nothing more than his attempt to exorcise inner pain that has been hidden for nearly 20 years. The acid and electronic sounds are his revenge towards a predominantly good-natured and hypocritical media system, in an artifact, bulimic and hysterical context, which swallows everything it finds and spits it when he wants, without any pity or attention to people's sensitivity.


"Lucy's got" is not a commercial song, it’s not a dance song, nor it is pop or rock. "Lucy's got" is everything and nothing, it is music and non-music, it is simply a denunciation of the system that inserts in people's brains the false and artificial imagery of the stereotyped perfection, where the defects (in today's modern society who lives and dies practically on social media), cannot and must not appear. "Lucy was beautiful like that, full of flaws, like everyone else, full of beauty and great sympathy", explains Blitch. But we do not believe that Ottaviano Blitch wanted to release this single to get noticed by the big record labels, on the contrary, as Blitch explains to us: "Better to please yourself as you are, rather than not to be liked by those who do not like themselves ".