"Rococo," Ottaviano Blitch's latest creation, proves to be an authentic musical masterpiece skillfully blending electronic sounds, classical music, and falsetto vocals. In this track, Blitch transports us to a sonic universe on the border between Pop and classical music, showcasing once again his extraordinary artistic versatility.


The artist, renowned for authenticity and eclecticism, reaffirms himself not only as a talented performer but also as a prominent producer and actor. His effortless navigation across different musical genres, from the impactful energy of rock to the irresistible vibrations of dance, is a tangible sign of his artistic genius.


"Rococo" takes us on a journey through Blitch's boundless creativity, expertly weaving intricate and captivating soundscapes. Classical influences harmoniously merge with electronic elements, creating a unique and unforgettable sonic experience.

Ottaviano Blitch's voice, with its unparalleled falsetto talent, adds a touch of magic to the track, further elevating it. His passionate interpretation conveys deep emotions, engaging the listener in a whirlwind of unique sensations.



In "Rococo," Blitch not only demonstrates his musical virtuosity but also delivers a complete performance through the fusion of avant-garde sounds and an unmistakable style. With this track, Ottaviano Blitch continues to solidify his position as an icon in the contemporary music scene, leaving a mark with his limitless creativity and artistic mastery.